Dressing Tips: How to Style your Outfits with Cute Cardigans?

Dressing Tips: How to Style your Outfits with Cute Cardigans?


Cardigans are one of the most underrated part of women’s clothing, and we are here to prove why. The versatility and the freedom of combination that you get by styling cute cardigans is beyond imagination, and if you are willing to see the fashion potential of cardigans, we’re more than happy to show you!

The best part about wearing a cardigan is the instant makeover that it provides to your outfit, no matter what you are wearing underneath. Cardigans can also be a part of your summer wardrobe, despite the misconception that they are just for fall season or winter. They make the perfect layering element for your summer outfits when you are out on a beachy evening or when the office air conditioner is giving you goosebumps. 

Here are five ways you can style women’s long cardigans and rock your casual outfits, whether it is for fall fashion or summer style!

  • Full circle fashion

Fashion doesn’t progress in a linear way. We always come back to retro and vintage because the charm and beauty of those styles is never going to fade away. The early 90s’ fashion always tends to come back in various forms, and here’s how you can style a women’s long cardigans in old school style. Combine a long, printed cardigan with slits up the side with a white turtle neck t-shirt and a high waisted pair of jeans.

Put your hair up in a messy bun, add a vintage red lipstick and round sunglasses! Add a pair of black or brown boots for the extra tinge of retro, and you are good to go!

  • Getaway girl

After months of being stuck at home, all of us are eager to get out and go places we’ve ever wanted to visit. The perfect getaway outfit is the best way to lift up your mood and give you a liberating feeling of joy! Combine the Jana cardigan from the Southern Honey boutique with pair of white linen pants, and a light pink tank top. Go for a deep-neck top underneath the cardigans to show off that sunkissed skin. A printed V-neck top would do!

Accessorize the outfit by adding statement jewelry like bead necklace and hoop earrings, maybe a hat woven from palm leaves and a metallic-colored pair of stilettoes or shoes to go with.

  • A model on break

Make a super-model outfit just by combining basic elements like sky blue denims, white shirt and the baggy Dolman cardigan with white sneakers and a plain black belt. Combine these elements and add a pair of mules to add to the class, and a pair of cat-eye glares to finally finish up the look with utmost glamour. A scrunchie on your wrist will add to the cuteness. Keep your hair open, and style them in a wavy fashion. Très chic!

  • The breezy life

Life should be breezy, just like the breeze of fresh air on the beach. The sun throwing soft yellow light on your face and hair, the beach sand filling the space between your toes, and the soft music of waves. If you want to add to the beauty of this serenity, adorn your outfit with a breezy, lacey cardigan, and a bandana with abstract print. Walk hand in hand with the calm of the evening ocean with this outfit and grant yourself the joy of peace.

  • Solids are always in fashion

Solids never go out of fashion and the fact that they go with both, prints and other solids, gives you a creative liberty to experiment with your outfits. Combine the Contrast cardigan with a solid colored dress or a casual outfit and up your casual fashion


Take inspiration from the above outfits and style women’s long cardigans according to the seasons and your mood! Remember that cardigans are an indispensable part of layering outfits and that they can double the beauty of your outfit, if styled properly.

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