A Note from Jill:

Hi guys! I want to tell you a little about myself so you know we're a legit, American company, not an overseas, sketchy company!  

I grew up in Hobbs, NM, which is about 80 miles form the Midland/Odessa, TX area. My family has deep roots in Lea County, NM, and I grew up just outside of town and went to school in Hobbs, NM. I loved my childhood.  I grew up on a ranch riding horses, working cattle and going to junior rodeos.  It was such a fun time in my life! But I also always LOVED clothes and makeup.  When I was in elementary school, I'd change clothes after school, put on a gypsy skirt, a fun blouse, and some kind of fashion hat/flower crown, and go out to the arena where my family would be practicing roping.  I'd do some laps around the arena on my pony, then tie my pony back up, go inside and play with my mom's old dresses and makeup.  It was the best of both worlds for me. Horses, country living and FASHION.

Growing up in Hobbs, NM, was any kid's dream.

When I graduated Hobbs High School, I set off on a grand adventure and went to college in Nashville, TN.  The style there definitely inspired me as well.  I love casual, but cute clothing.  I love dressing up for work, but making it more fun than a pencil skirt and a button up.  I love layering. I love jewelry. I love makeup. I love all things fashion. Nashville was a fun time in my life. But I had no idea what I was going to do after college. I met a man from south Georgia in my time in Nashville... and he was the only thing I was sure about.

Fast forward a few years later, and few jobs later, and I moved back to Hobbs, NM, for a little while. I helped my family until I felt a pulling on my heart to move again. 

I got married in Stephenville, TX, and that's where my husband and I made our home. It was a compromise between Hobbs, NM, and South Georgia. (lol)  We LOVE the laid back culture in Stephenville.  It is definitely a nice cross between an agricultural town, but still has some Fort Worth, TX,  flare. We're only 80 miles from Fort Worth, so it's no big deal to run to the city when we need a city fix. 

Fast forward a few more years later and here comes Southern Honey! It started out as just a single storefront in Stephenville, Tx. With the help of amazing employees and very supportive family, it's grown to have storefronts in both Stephenville, Tx, and Hobbs, NM.  Both Stephenville and Hobbs are near and dear to my heart! We also now have a warehouse for our online in Stephenville. We are excited to grow because it means you love our clothing--- and that's the goal for us! 

It doesn't matter if you have all the money in the world or you're on a tight budget, we want to provide quality pieces for AFFORDABLE prices! That's how we all live and we know y'all are our kind of ladies!

And we don’t want women to think they have to fit into one specific category.  We understand how many roles women have to play and all the hats we as women have to wear and we want to provide y’all with clothing for whatever you might be doing on any given day--- whether it involves dressing up or down!!  

We want you to feel comfortable and beautiful in the clothes you're wearing... without spending an arm and a leg! 

Please give us a chance to not only earn your trust, but become actual friends!  The clothing is super fun, but the best part about this business are the relationships we build!

If you're ever in the Stephenville, TX, or Hobbs, NM, areas, please stop in and see us! We aren't that far from Fort Worth or Midland, TX!

Stephenville Store Address: 1355 West South Loop, Stephenville, Tx, 76401

Hobbs, NM, Store Address: 2400 North Grimes, Hobbs, NM, 88240



Website Phone: (254) 252-5900 

Stephenville, TX, Store- (254) 918-5508

Hobbs, NM, Store- (575) 964-2961

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