About Us!

The culture here definitely inspires our style! We’re close enough to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that we all have a little bit of city girl in us, but we’re still country girls at heart too!  We don’t want women to think they have to fit into one specific category.  We understand how many roles women have to play and all the hats we as women have to wear and we want to provide y’all with clothing for whatever you might be doing on any given day--- whether it involves dressing up or down!!  

When we come into work, we might be dressed up in heels, or we might have just come from the barn and be in t-shirts and jeans! We want y’all to feel that way too!

My girls  here at the store are absolutely fabulous (I couldn’t make it without them!) and our goal is to provide the best customer experience you’ve ever had! Please let us know if we can do anything to make your shopping experience more pleasurable!

Come see us if you're ever in Stephenville, TX, or don't hesitate to email us or call if we can help you!  

Email: southernhoney@hotmail.com  

Phone: (254) 918-5508 (during business hours)