Georgia Grace Tanner

Georgia is the head boss around here. We're grooming her to take over operations, but really she already runs the show and she knows it!

Stephenville, TX
Jill Tanner

Jill is originally from NM, but now makes her home in TX with her husband, Jimmy, and daughter, Georgia. Outside of running the boutique, she enjoys shopping, riding horses and spending time with her family... and playing pranks on her girls everyday!

Stephevnille, TX
Cali Moriarty

Cali is originally from Indiana and moved to TX a few years ago.  She loves playing with her dog, Joy, and doing anything outdoors! She takes pride in scaring Becky everyday... and we love it!

Website Manager
Becky Berger

Becky is on a work visa from Idaho (LOL). She enjoys playing with her dog, Rickie, and is up for any new adventures at all times! She's sassy and super easy to scare...

Customer Service
Courtney Thornton

Courtney moved to TX from Oregon, following her true love and husband, Shaine. They enjoy the country life together when they aren't working! She's the best organizer EVER!

Storefront Manager
Ryanne Evans

Ryanne lives in NM with her hubby and two children.  When she's not mom-ing it, she is SUPER creative and always brings us fun new ideas! Long-time bestie of Jill, they love coming up with new graphic tees for the store!

Lead Graphic Designer
Sage Neff

Sage is our OCD girl of the group and we LOVE it! She keeps everyone on track and keeps us on our toes with her fun one-liners!

Customer sales Hobbs

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