A Guide to Choose Plus Size Clothing For Women

A Guide to Choose Plus Size Clothing For Women

Let’s accept the fact that both beauty and fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days when plus size women were looked down upon and made to feel bad about their body size. Nowadays women love to take pride in their curves and love to flaunt them. Fashion industry too comes with a lot of clothing options for plus sized women.

Identifying and accepting your body type is the key to creation of your best looks. In this guide, we will segment plus size body types into different categories and will also recommend the best clothing style that would highlight your curves and hide your flaws at the same time. We will help you create an illusion of a dreamy and a perfect body shape.

Pear shaped body type

You are a pear or a triangular shaped body type if:

  • Your shoulders are narrower than your hips
  • Your bust is narrower than your waist
  • Your hips are fuller

Plus size southern boutique offers you a clothing range that will help you strike a balance between the upper and lower part of your body. You can enhance your upper body by wearing baggy tops, unfitted crop tops, tops that have a broad neckline such as a boat cut, square cut of ballet cut, short jackets, and jackets that come with shoulder padding while skim your lower body by wearing A-line skirts, empire waistlines, fit and flare dresses, and straight/ boot cut jeans/ pants. If you are running short of time and looking for an ideal outfit, then you must readily pick up a jumpsuit with a nice belt for yourself and create a perfect look in a matter of a few minutes.

You must avoid wearing body-hugging skirts, skinny jeans/ pants and always choose flowers that do not have pockets or embroidery work around the hips.

Apple shaped body type

You are an apple shaped body type if-

  • Your hips are narrower than your shoulders
  • You are busty and have a wider back
  • You have thin arms and legs

An online boutiques USA has perfect outfit options for women who have an apple shaped body type. If you have an apple shaped body type then you must always focus upon clothes that help you skim your upper body and enhance your lower body at the same time. You can opt for tops that come with a v-neckline, A-line style jackets that come with vertical stripes and the length of the same must cover your hips, A-line style midi skirts and dresses, boot cut jeans/ pants and straight cut jeans/ pants. A wrap around dress with a wedge or platform heels would be an ideal outfit for you if you need a quick fix for an apple shaped body type.

You must avoid wearing high cut necklines, baggy tops, crop tops, boxy jackets, tight belts at your waistline, pencil skirts, and slim fitted jeans.

Athletic shaped body type

You are an athletic shaped body type if-

  • You are not curvy
  • You have a fair and a proportionate distribution of weight all around your body
  • You don’t have a well-defined waistline
  • Your hips and shoulders measurements are same

Plus size southern boutique recommends that women like you who have an athletic or a rectangular shaped body type must try and balance out their upper bodies by bringing focus on their legs and curves. You must try and bring a contrast in your upper and lower body by wearing a fitted top and an oversized bottom or an oversized top with a well-fitted bottom. You can wear a v-neck top, boat neck top, ballet top, tops with statement collars, peacoats, bomber jackets, dusters, A-line style skirts in dark colours and vertical stripes, skinny jeans, structured trousers and leggings.

You must avoid wearing high-rise pants, and anything that is in a straight-cut pattern may be skirts, dresses, or jackets.

Hourglass shaped body type

You are an hourglass shaped body type if-

  • You have a waistline that is well-defined
  • Your body is more on the curvy side
  • Your bust, thighs and hips are on the fuller side
  • Your hip and bust measurements are more or less even

Southern style boutiques suggest women like you with an hourglass shaped body type to select cuts and patterns that accentuate your natural curves. Wrap-styles, peplums and basic jackets are ideal for you. You can also enhance your mid-section with high-rise skirts and belts tied at your natural waistline. You can wear mid-rise jeans/ pants that come in slim-cut, boot cut or straight cut pattern and for strategic skimming you can also go for pencil skirts.

You must avoid wearing oversized clothes, narrow waist jeans, pants and skirts, and tops and full length skirts that have a busy pattern all over.

Here are the 15 Important Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Women.

Inverted triangle body type

You are an inverted triangle body type if-

  • Your shoulders are  broader than the upper torso
  • Your legs, hips, and rear are too slim as compared to your upper body

If you too have an inverted triangle body type then you must always focus on tops that help you draw attention to your waistline. Plus size southern boutique recommends top with V-neckline or wrap-around patterns, fit and flare dresses, wide-leg lowers, A-line skirt patterns, and parallel cut jeans/ pants. A tunic paired up with a wide leg pant / jeans would be an ideal outfit for you if you are looking for an easy, subtle and quick look for your inverted shape body type.

You must avoid wearing Capri pants, tops with wide boat-neck collars, lapels, baggy tops, and tops/jackets with oversized/padded shoulders.

An online jewelry boutique believes that fashion is a revolutionary movement and it must make women look and feel good, and confident in their own skin.

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