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Lavender Jersey Pocket Tee

Lavender Jersey Pocket Tee

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True to size! We typically recommend Small (2-4), Medium (4-6), Large (8-10) and XL (12-14). If there are any discrepancies in the fit, we'll put it in the description!

Y'all... as if Z supply wasn't already comfy enough, they've really out down themselves now with the Jersey Tees. The same tee, just softer and more comfortable! How is that even possible?! Your favorite tee just got better! Get them before they're gone! These tees fit true to size! To see this tee on a model, search the Teal Jersey or Pink Jersey Perfect Pocket Tee!

95% Rayon; 5% Spandex 

Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low. 

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